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Photo Gallery 4 - Scottish Borders 2

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Branxholme Castle

Branxholme Castle

Branxholme Castle - Old Drawing

Dryhope Tower

View from Top of Dryhope Tower

Hawick - Drumlanrig Tower

Turnbull Sculpture, Hawick

Hawick - The Horse' at the end of High Street commemorates the victory of local youths over English invaders at nearby Hornshole in 1514.

Hawick Town Hall


Newark Castle

Newark Castle - Crest on Wall

Rankil Burn in Autumn. Buccleuch castle, an early home of the Scotts was on rising ground at the junction of the Rankil Burn and the Buccleuch burn.

Selkirk- Home of the Original "Selkirk Bannock"

Selkirk Main Street - Sir Walter Scott Statue on Right

Selkirk - Sir Walter Scott Statue

and Courtroom Behind

Selkirk - Court Room is now a Museum

Sir Walter Presiding...

St Mary's Loch

- largest loch in the Scottish Borders

Harden House

Harden House, Home of Lord Polwarth