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Clan Scott Scotland


NOTE: The document below is a final draft of the Clan Scott Scotland constitution. It will be submitted for ratification at the Annual General Meeting of the Society in May 2016.

1.   The Society shall be called CLAN SCOTT SCOTLAND.


1.1   The general administration of the Society shall be carried out by an Executive Committee.  This Committee shall consist of not less than five members and not more than ten. Members of the Committee shall be elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting.


1.2  The Committee shall comprise the Office Bearers and other Committee Members as elected or appointed and shall have power generally to conduct the business of the Society; The Committee may co-opt additional members up to a maximum of ten members.


1.3  The Office Bearers shall consist of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Genealogist and a Membership Secretary.  The Chairman and all other Office Bearers shall be elected for a period of three years and may be eligible for re-election.  All other Committee Members shall be elected annually.


1.4  Prior to nomination as Office Bearer, that person must have served as a Committee Member for at least one year prior to having their name put forward for election.


1.5   The Executive Committee shall meet as often as may be deemed necessary to carry out the Society's aims and objectives, subject to there being a quorum of at least three Committee members present.



2.    The objectives of the Society shall be:


2.1   The promotion of a spirit of kin and fellowship within the Clan.


2.2   The collection and preservation of the history and traditions of the Scott Clan and its Septs and increase              knowledge and awareness of Scott Clan history.


2.3   The correlation and indexing of Scott Clan Genealogies.


2.4   The establishment of a Clan Room for the exhibition of items of interest to members and visitors.


2.5   The fostering of cordial relations with other Scott Clan Societies and their Members throughout the world.

4.      Membership of the Society and the right to the Clan Badge shall be granted to the following:


4.1    Those persons bearing the surname of Scott and those of its Septs,


4.2    Those with connections by blood or by marriage to those bearing the surname of Scott and those of its Septs.


4.3    Any individual who is considered by the Executive Committee who has been of service or is clearly sympathetic to the advancement  of the society may be awarded membership.


4.4   The Society shall consist of :

3.    The Headquarters of the Society shall be at Bowhill, Selkirk, or at such other permanent premises in Scotland associated with the Clan as shall be determined.

4.4.1 Full Members (individuals with the surnames (or descendents or qualifying under sections 4.1 to 4.3)  of Scott, Geddes, Langlands, Laidlaw, Buccleuch and Balwearie. Full members will have the right to vote at the AGM.


4.4.2 Family Members, covering 2 adults and all children staying at the same address. Only adult members have a right of vote at the AGM.


4.4.3 All staff personnel serving His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch will, if they so wish, become Associate Members without paying a fee. Associate members have NO right of vote.


4.4.4 Honorary Members - Ordinary Members and Clan members of eminent distinction may be admitted as Honorary members, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee and ratification at the AGM. Honorary Members have the right to vote at the AGM.

5. The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting during the month of May for the purpose of electing Office Bearers, Committee Members and accountants, for considering reports from the Secretary and the Treasurer, and for the transacting of any other competent business. The Society's financial year shall run from 1st April until 31st March of the following year.


6. A special General meeting of the Society's Members may be called on the requisition of the Chairman or on written request of ten members being duly made to the Secretary.


7. The  Secretary shall convene and keep a written record of all the proceedings of the ordinary and special meetings of the Society and carry out the general correspondence of the Society and all other necessary secretarial services in the interests of the society


8. The funds of the Society shall be held and invested in the Society’s name. For this purpose the Treasurer shall open an account in the Society’s name with a reputable bank approved by the Committee Members.  All cheques drawn on this account shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other Office Bearer, all of whom shall have been recorded with the bank as authorised signatories of the Society.


9.   The Treasurer shall receive all monies due by the Society and make all disbursements due by the Society.   The Treasurer shall keep proper books of account and shall lay them before each meeting of the Committee, and shall prepare and submit to the Annual General Meeting a statement of the Society's accounts for its immediately preceding financial year, duly certified by an accountant before their submission. The Membership Secretary will maintain a list of names and contact details of Members and report on the number of members in each category to the Executive Committee on a regular basis.


10.   The Society will publish a Journal from time to time containing reports on the transactions of the Society and any matters of interest relating to the Society or its Members.


11. The Society will publish on its Web site an up-to-date list of the Society's Executive Committee and Office Bearers, and details of all other Scott Clan Societies and organisations beyond Scotland and the United Kingdom.


12.   No alteration or addition to the Constitution may be made unless proposed and seconded at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting and adopted by two thirds of the Society Members there present.  Any proposed alteration or addition shall be notified in writing to the Secretary who shall cause it to be notified to all of the Society's Members at least three weeks before the due date of the Meeting.


13.   Dissolution of the Society shall abide by the same rules as for alterations to the Constitution.  If such decision is confirmed by a two thirds majority of those present, the Executive Committee shall sell all assets as considered appropriate and settle any debts and liabilities of the Society. Any assets remaining thereafter shall be given to such charitable organisations as the members of the Executive Committee see fit.