Sir Walter Scott e-Texts

When they were first published early in the 19th century, the novels and poetry by Sir Walter Scott were the best sellers of their day and continue to be popular. In recent years, as they are no longer under copyright, e-publishing has meant that they have had a new lease of life as they can be downloaded free of charge. The list below provides links to a large number of his works.


Many of the links are to Gutenberg eBooks, one of the earliest providers of these electronic publications. These are provided in various formats including Web page, ePub, Kindle and Plain text. They also have "QR" codes that allow users to download the publication to mobile phones via the standard bar-code apps.

ochiltree_edie_abbotsford4200s fair_maid_of_perth7736s montrose_james_graham01093s

Statue in the grounds of Abbotsford of "Ochiltree Eddie" a character in "The Antiquary"

Statue of the "Fair Maid of Perth in the High Street, Perth

Statue of the Duke of Montrose unveiled in August 2000 by the current Duke of Montrose, to mark the 350th anniversary of the general's execution at Edinburgh's Mercat Cross.

walter_scott_20150728sr smailholm8s

Smailholm Tower

Scottish Borders

Smailholm Tower in the Scottish Borders - a haunt of young Walter Scott